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In Press Media Review is carried out of a distinction on the basis of an innovative political-epistemological criterion that refers to two different models of collective identity: the state-national model and the glocaltransboundary one.


The state-territorial collective identity model emphasizes the state-national identity feeling as the unifying factor of ethno-territorial community of citizens organized into nation-states and bounded by spatial boundaries; the corresponding society of States is configured horizontally, without a higher regulatory authority.


In the glocal-territorial model the boundary of the common identity is not material but ideal: the individual acquires the social identity through the conscious perceptual function - which includes the social reality - and chooses to accept the common rules; the society of States is subject to a global, hierarchical and verticalized authority that enables them or the particular local realities to emerge rather the central government.


This section presents the application of the criterion proposed by an exemplification organized into the following broad categories each of which is distinguished in the corresponding state-territorial and glocal-transterritorial models:




- Identity Protection of the Mediterranean basin

- Holy Places in Jerusalem, JHPC

- Nutrition and Wellness

- Arts and Culture

- Law and society

- Economy and development

- Personality

- Research Centres

- Media


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