The Holy Places of Jerusalem


Mediterranean area is highly influenced by the Israeli-Palestinian issue. Mediterranean Perspectives launched in 2006 a series of meetings to analyze issues related to the management of Jerusalem’s Holy Places, which in Israeli-Palestinian negotiations have often constituted a potential source of political manipulation.

In order to this, Mediterranean Perspective launched a negotiating methodology based on a deep and detailed study of all the rules applied to Jerusalem’s Holy Places and also about the status quo of religious communities in the area. The project achieved in the first phase an agreed glossary of the most controversial terms and a series of policy options, in order to respect the identity of both the parts.


Israeli and Palestinian participants suggested the foundation of Jerusalem Holy Places Center (JHPC), with the help of Israeli, Palestinian and international experts. Its purpose is to study and analyze the complex reality of Jerusalem, focusing on administrative, financial and fiscal matters, adhered to the access of different religious communities to their holy places.


List of all the documents included in the project:        


1.Holy Places in Jerusalem’s background project;

2.Glossary of sovereignty and status quo’s key words;

3.Fundamental principles for an Israeli-Palestinian agreement;

4.Cultural and religious fundamental principles to be applied to Jerusalem’s Holy Places;

5.Two policy-options for Jerusalem’s future:

a.Global-transnational model;

b.State-territorial model;

6.Structure and functions of Jerusalem’s Holy Places Centre (JHPC).

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